Midnight Oil

[Powderworks] Oils on Letterman vcd/dvd tree

fluw fluwdot@earthlink.net
Wed, 27 Mar 2002 13:17:47 -0600

although i enjoyed the whole oil performance by not falling asleep like some
others, i would like still like to see it again on dvd. so count me in as
one vote for the go ahead on the oils/letterman tree!


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> Hi,
> It looks like a number of people fell asleep and missed the show.
> Can't blame them. The Late Show is a piece of crap. Imagine how bad
> it must be for dedicated fans to miss out on it because they dozed
> off.
> Anyway - I recorded this on my PC and have it as an AVI file. The
> quality is not amazing and my ultimate plan is to convert it to an
> SVCD so it is viewable on DVD players.
> My question is would anyone be interested in it? It is a large file
> so upload/download is not an option unless someone can point me out
> to a server with some space and a fast connection. Is this even
> worthwhile treeing?
> Miron
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