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[Powderworks] Before the breaking of the rain.

Julian Shaw julian@monkeyfamily.freeserve.co.uk
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OK but I still say it's pop. It's very pleasing to the ear on first listen.
If you compare with anything from Species and before then songs like this
would just not have appeared at all. The chord structures are becoming more
and more predictable. It's still great. Great lyrics, great tunes. I don't
want to knock it because it's still by far the best thing I've heard in
ages. It's great. But it's not punk. And it isn't complicated like the early
stuff. At one point the Oils were almost punk but better. I thought Redneck
was a move away from predictable chord sequences but this album is back into
the same groove as everything D+D onwards. Lots of strumming with less
guitars interacting (the thing the Oils do better than any other band in the
world!). Great stuff, just wish that we could have some more of that early
random, on the edge, wild energy that threw you around the place. I think it
probably shows how the band have changed the way they write songs over the

Julian Lewis Shaw
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> Hi!
> I've been reading some postings about Capricornia, also I read Jim's words
about the album.
> I say, how can you think this is a pop album?
> Music is pop if your purpose is just to sell a lot of stuff to consumers
but not for listeners nor good music tastes.
> This album's sound is great because the band is inspired and together.
> Just remember, before Diesel and Dust production the Oils took a tour in
the desert and they came back with one of their best albums.
> Now, they have been in the desert again. They decided the Olympics protest
there and so Capricornia was imagined and created.
> As one Musician number said in the eighties:
> They're not Pop, they're not Punk, they're not Kidding!
> see you around!
> escrutador
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